Keeping things simple

It seems like the urge to reduce the ‘noise’ in my life has won out over the urge to share my photographs and thoughts on Instagram and Twitter. Both accounts got deleted today. I didn’t delete my Flickr account as I have never found Flickr to be addictive in the same way. In fact I know very few of the people I follow on Flickr IRF and that may be the reason why it isn’t so important to me – I just post my best work and spend relatively little time browsing the work of others. The fact that the app is fairly rubbish also means it has less attractive force, and this is a good thing. I pay for my Flickr account, so I don’t see adverts, there is no algorithm determining what I see, and I don’t get any spam followers. It all seems rather civilised.

Having said all that I want to plan for the day when I exit Flickr too and start using this blog for all my photography. But I want it to look good and am unsure whether a one-picture-a-day blog post approach is better than using the WordPress gallery functionality. Selling my photographs doesn’t interest me at this point (I’m not sure they would find any buyers anyway!), and amassing lots of followers has never been a motivation. I just want to take better photographs and spend less time looking at my smart-phone.

I feel positive about this move and am looking forward to feeling less stressed.

Here’s a favourite image from the springtime.

A path through the fields